I have been painting, drawing and designing for the past 30 years. My first group art show was in 1995, as a college student. It was encouraging to be named the Outstanding Artist of the Year. Not having another show until about 8 years later.


In 2004, my work began selling at Emerging Art Scene and Kai Lin Art galleries in Atlanta, Georgia. Many moons later I moved to Pasadena, California, where the art of the landscape is so prolific. I love the southwestern landscape - It is where I hike, camp, and paint.

Like most artists, I struggled for years to define the purpose of my work. My graphic design experience and degree have been invaluable to my process.

Of all my artistic influences, nature itself (the sun, the moon, the myriad plant species, which are our teachers and our medicine, the waters, fire, wind, lightning, and wildlife flourishing here in our shared space) inspires me to express in anyway possible, the beauty, glory, delicacy and fleeting yet infinite moments of the cycle of life and death and life again.


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