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My Start
My first group art show was in 1995, as a college student at Chattanooga State, where I was named Freshman Artist of the year. After graduating, I began selling at Kai Lin Art, a contemporary art gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. I also exhibited at several group shows at other galleries, such as Emerging Art Scene.

Growing as an Artist
Many commissions and exhibitions later I moved to Southern California, where so many great landscape artists have planted roots. My experience as a graphic designer and photographer taught me to use my skills as an image-maker to communicate and express an idea clearly.

My artwork has been published in Jordan Magazine, 944 Magazine, and Seattle University School of Law’s Journal for Social Justice. Coca-Cola, Delta, and Macy's have commissioned my work, and my artwork has been reproduced, and sold on shirts at retail, across the U.S. I have been commissioned for over 30 pet portraits, bringing joy to the lives of their human companions.

I don’t want to just “decorate walls”. I have donated works to charitable auctions for organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Kate's Club, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and the Shepherd Center. I am one of the founding mentors of One Love Generation - an Atlanta-based youth organization mentoring students for positive social change through art. My motivation comes from social and environmental issues, as well as, compassion and personal growth.

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