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My Start
My first group art show was in 1995, as a college student at Chattanooga State, where I was named Freshman Artist of the year. After graduating, I began selling at Kai Lin Art, a contemporary art gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. I also exhibited at several group shows at other galleries, such as Emerging Art Scene.

Growing as an Artist
Many commissions and exhibitions later I moved to Southern California, where so many great landscape artists have planted roots. My experience as a graphic designer and photographer taught me to use my skills as an image-maker to communicate and express an idea clearly.

My artwork has been published in Jordan Magazine, 944 Magazine, and Seattle University School of Law’s Journal for Social Justice. Coca-Cola, Delta, and Macy's have commissioned my work, and my artwork has been reproduced, and sold on shirts at retail, across the U.S. I have been commissioned for over 30 pet portraits, bringing joy to the lives of their human companions.

I don’t want to just “decorate walls”. Part of my business model is donating works to charitable auctions for organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Kate's Club, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and the Shepherd Center. I am one of the founding mentors of One Love Generation - an Atlanta-based youth organization mentoring students for positive social change through art. My motivation comes from social and environmental issues, as well as, compassion and personal growth.

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